Pacific Advisory Group of America, LLC


We are a boutique financial advisory firm focusing on cross border transactions between Japanese and US companies.

Our strategic theme:

The relationship between Japan and the United States is one of the most powerful alliances in the world. However, despite the close bonds, we have found that for cultural, experiential and other reasons it is often difficult for parties from these two countries to successfully and effectively conclude transactions. We believe that this gap can result in significant unintended consequences and lost opportunities.

On the other hand, the progress of globalization requires significant change in the traditional business models in Japan and the United States.

Your Road-Map To Endless Horizons

Some companies have recognized this need and are prepared to make the necessary adjustment and some have not.

But globalization and the changing axis of value cannot be safely ignored.

PAGA assists our clients' objectives through our team's background as senior commercial bankers in Japan and veteran investment bankers in the United States.

We always keep in mind "Think one step further".

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