Since the inception of PAGA, we have been closely working with senior investment bankers of Brockett & Tamny & Co., who effectively reinforces our capability of doing business with US corporations as well as institutional investors.


Brockett Tamny & Co. was formed by Peter D. Tamny, formerly of Lehman Brothers, and Peter C. Brockett, formerly of Bankers Trust Company, in 1990 to provide high quality investment banking services to emerging and middle market companies.

Representative deal:

Intrepid Energy & Co.

BT&Co. assisted the former management group of Santa Fe International (U.K.) in the creation and formation of this fund management company. Commitments of Capital totaling $232 million were closed as of July 1997. With financing in place, Intrepid made acquisitions of interests in oil and gas properties located in the U.K. Sector of the North Sea. In June of 2004 Intrepid’s holdings were sold in a series of transactions for in excess of $2 Billion.


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