Examples of our achievements

  1. High multiple transaction at Sell side engagement

    Sale of a boutique high-end winery

    The winery had profitable income statement with a well known brand name. Based on the conclusion scrutinizing the market data, PAGA recommended the client to divest the winery for the purpose of securing the unique financial gain. As a result of the effective marketing supported by the detailed analysis in the brand value of the winery as well as over the acquisition appetite in the segment, the price offered reached four times the annual sales of the winery. The transaction closed just a month after the marketing began.

  2. Origination at Buy side engagement

    Purchase of 2 software companies at the same time

    Targeting companies were the developers of software to enhance automation productivity for the high-tech industry. PAGA represented the buy-side in this transaction. Although the owner of those companies had originally stated that the businesses were not for sale, and even, by any chance, if in the case of sale, they declared, the expected price should be more than three times as high as our client estimated. But it turned out that the sale was materialized by our unique expertise in the communication with Japanese parent company, and the transaction was closed with an acceptable price with the least cash payment by our client.

  3. Divestiture of loss generating entity at Sell side engagement

    Sale of a steel crafter with large NOL, through a highly leveraged transaction

    The subject company was in the middle of calamity caused by the unexpected trough of capital expenditure by the semiconductor industry through 1997 - 1999, when PAGA was engaged by the parent company. After more than 2yrs of marketing, we finally grasped an interest shown by a local investor group which pursued a turn-around opportunity. The transaction was successfully structured preserving the most of the tax benefit produced by NOL. PAGA also assisted the arrangement of bank finance for this transaction.

  4. Auction process in Middle-Market transaction

    Sale of medical device components manufacturer

    The owners of the company attempted to sell it without retaining an advisor by responding to proposals from companies that approached them.

    After multiple proposals to acquire the company failed to result in a closed transaction, the company retained a principal of PAGA who subsequently organized and conducted a systematic marketing of the company.

    We generated preliminary offers from twelve potential acquirers and five letters of intent to acquire the company. The shareholders executed a letter of intent at a value greater than twice the best offer before they retained us. The competitive nature of the sale process also resulted in favorable terms for the selling shareholders.

  5. Origination of JAPAN transaction at Buy side engagement

    Purchase of the business in Japan

    Targeting business was a division of Japanese machinery manufacturer owned by one of the largest private equity groups in the US. The business had not been for sale when PAGA's client in Japan, the purchaser, showed its interest. But PAGA, through its privileged relationship network, approached the founder of the investor group, obtained positive view over the possible divestment, then successfully originated the exclusive sale for the client in Japan